there is one moment in your life and it can come anytime…

Ah the hippies. Out in force pushing daisies into the barrels of guns, smiling sweetly and attempting to levitate the pentagon.

Well that’s the past and sometimes it’s better to live right there in the past.

IMG_2224.JPGWinning the award for best album title today is, “Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun.” The last gasp of the Planet Earth Rock’n’Roll Orchestra. Until 1983 and Kantner revived it for an album but without the collaborative nature of the original albums. A mash up of Airplane, Dead and other San Francisco alumni hanging out and getting high and making records, sounds almost idyllic. Billed as a Paul Kantner, Grace Slick and David Freiberg album it was also the last time the Airplane really recorded tighter before the ’89 reformation. Garcia is all over the album adding his trademark guitar sound, well it was before the trademark and he sounds happier for it, maybe if they’d let him out to play more he would have been a happier chap all together.

I am not going to claim this is a classic album, I am not even going to claim it is a particularly good album, However if you like a certain stoned San Francisco sound, pedal steel guitars, fiddles, excellent harmonies and some counter culture ideals mixed in with your mystic conspiracy theory shit then this is an album for you. It’s also got Grace Slick in her at times most controversial.

“Riders of the rainbow, Let it grow.”

Yeah man let it grow.

Here we have the totally unrelated tractor in the woods picture, enjoy.


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