you should’ve come again…

The discord and melody. The wall of sound and the ethereal voices.

The Besnard Lakes are the Divine Wind has it all in about 8 minutes or so total on both sides. There’s a catchy pop song in there somewhere.

I have never bought many singles even during the peak of my pop picking. This however came free with an album. Or was the album free not sure. Anyway it was a fine 8 minutes last night which is sometimes all I can manage.

It’s been a productive morning before the temperature rose and I hid in the shadow with the dog

About 5am this morning I waged chemical warfare on the hornets nest in the ground. There are no pictures of this as I could not convince anyone to get up and watch. This was doubly thoughtless as I could have com into anaphylactic shock if I was allergic to stings. They all argued I was not as I had been stung five times finding the nest. I did however in preparation watch several YouTube videos. Ole Duke gave the beat advice “cover up and put your running shoes on.” No injuries occurred I did run away fast and there seem to be a significant reduction in the wasp population.

Syd exiting the creek after a cooling dip.

Anyway this is some of what was accomplished today.

And just because here is a gratuitous tractor in the woods shot.

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