jyotis avisarmin…

I remember driving through Mold sometime in the early 90’s and seeing this band advertised as playing at the local small theater. This was probably long after Phil Collins went on to mega stardom. For a moment I considered what it would be like to go see them live.

Suffice to say I never went to see Brand X. that time or even a couple of years ago when they toured the USA. I think they just never raised enough interest in me to go.

It is true I only bought Moroccan Roll because i recognized a Hipgnosis album cover and Phil Collins name on the sleeve. For weeks I determinedly made myself listen to it so I could convince myself I was clever enough to like this jazz-fusion stuff. It was confusing and different and may very well have been one of the first albums I ever bought that had few/almost no lyrics and what lyrics there were were in Sanskrit.

My friends who I used to play this to would accuse me of trying to be clever or just look at me puzzled as they searched for the Twisted Sister or Quiet Riot.

The thing is though late at night when the house has quieted and even cooled down it is just the right thing to play to get your head back in gear before bed.

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