we used up all of our magic powers trying to do it in the road…

Late at night when things are quiet and the house is sleeping, sometimes it’s okay to send your mind back to the dim and distant end of the 70’s and hit the nostalgia button hard.

Long ago before the discography got so convoluted and compilations started breeding themselves Hawkwind released Roadhawks. With three hard to find tracks on album in a live version of You Shouldn’t Do That, and the singles Urban Guerrilla and Silver Machine and before the days of bloated epic/extended/special/boxed sets, the compilation was an art form to create. There is something pleasing about the flow of the album starting with Hurry on Sundown and ending with The Golden Void. Every track flows into the next and makes sense. They don’t take the time to make compilations this way any more. The work put into the sequencing and the selection of songs makes this an essential Hawkwind album.

This compilation was my entry point for Hawkwind, borrowed on cassette from the local library and now I have my very own copy in a 1984 reissue on the Fame label and it’s a gatefold. This is making me happier than really reasonable.

Also it has an incredible album cover, the terrifying Hawkwind juggernaut barreling down the road headlights blinding you, death at the wheel. It looks like a 50’s advertising poster for all the wrong choices, making for a great package. I never really understood how cool the album cover was on that stupid tiny cassette until I held the actual album in hand. My only sorrow is I don’t have the cool poster that came with originals.

Day 16, zero records bought.

3 thoughts on “we used up all of our magic powers trying to do it in the road…

  1. J.

    Yup, that’s an exceptional piece of art on the front cover… and I’m in agreement about deluxe box releases and the likes meaning that the art of a good compilation is redundant. It’s chronological order on compilations at this point.

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