never going back to Tucson…

Have I told you about Dan Stuart?

So here we are with The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings. This time Dan is collaborating with lucha libre masked Danny Amis of Los Straitjackets. It’s been a long strange trip as they say. We have travelled through anger, pain, revenge and now here we are with our hero staring through the bottom of a Tequila glass and reflecting on travels, travails and sorrows.

IMG_1136 2

There is still a sense of bitterness and anger, tempered by a much wearier sound. Almost soul music at times distilled through a peyote fueled nightmare and a world weary world view. It is the music that happens after the bad trip. As with the other Marlow Billings album there is a sense of autobiography about the album, a weariness and a sense of no regrets.

It’s a great end to a recording career apparently. Stuart has expressed a disatisfaction with the current habit of listening to records on shuffle. He has therefore decided to stop recording albums, he is however committed to continue recording songs. 

Dan Stuart still sounds dangerous and there is a feeling that he would be very happy to set aside the gentle Americana vibe, strap on his Gretsch and blow your mind with some significantly raucous punk rock roots rock. The characters of his songs slink through life creating havoc, ripping you off and leaving you penniless and alone wondering what happened. It’s a life you want to look in on but nor have roll around in.

Day 8 zero records bought.

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