No voice…

I really like a bit of Steve Hillage, burbling synths, glissando guitar and some sexy french backing vocals.

I am trying to forget listening to his 82 album with vocals For to next…

I am however eminently happy to let you know that the companion instrumental album And not or… is pretty darn special.

Yes there is no real drums on the album or bass for that matter, there is however a lot of spacey glissando guitar and bubbling burbling synths. The only thing missing is those sexy french backing vocals, that’s because it’s all instrumental don’t you know?

5 thoughts on “No voice…

  1. He’s nobody’s favourite singer. I’m desperate to grab a copy of Rainbow Dome Musick, DESPERATE I tell you!! I’d stop at nothing to get one.

  2. Just today I was listening to “Green” in the car (I think it’s my fave). So when I read your post, I plucked out ‘And Not Or’ and you’re right! It’s really good!

    I suspect forgetting that goodness was a direct result of listening to it either before or after ‘For To Next’.

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