I have not had much to say recently.

The desire to just post something for the purpose of posting has been an easy one to escape. If you have nothing to say stay quiet may be a mantra worth sticking to.

This evening as the clock wound down towards another flight to the U.K. my restless mind was looking for something to calm it.

In an attempt to be meaningful and deep and dark and thoughtful and irreverent I reached for my Katrina and the Waves Best of: album and found myself with Yanqui U.X.O. by those zany Canadians Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Not sure what happened there apart from the recently bought pile is a little confusing right now, Derek and the Dominoes rubbing shoulders with Japan and Uriah Heep and some truly beautiful Hollies albums, not sure how they sound but the sleeves drew me in as they sat there for two dollars a piece.

Sitting here with the cataclysmic assault on the ears happening, the strange sense of disquiet and concern that the music creates in the listener. Uncomfortableness that draws you in, feedback, melody, beauty and pain. It’s a trip, like Floyd never stopped playing Careful With That Axe Eugene.

It’s beautiful music, it really is, it is however not always for the feint hearted although it us uplifting.

If your sense of fun is sitting in the dark and playing music at the level that is barely audible in order to catch every note, and then blasting it as loud as you can the next day to experience every note on a physical level then this is the very album to do that with. There are nuances and moments that are verging on the angelic and terrifying within moments of each other.

At the end of the day I have no idea what the whole mess is about but in the words of Neil Diamond:

“It’s a beautiful noise
Made of joy and of strife
Like a symphony played
By a passing parade
It’s the music of life”

Who knew that the Diamond one was a GSY!BE fan,

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