Ry, David and Jim…

I have never seen the movie Paris, Texas. There is probably a good chance I will never see it. Not that it does not deserve to be seen, it’s just that there is not enough time to see all the movies I think I may want to or need to see.

So what I am left with is the soundtrack. It is nothing short of beautiful.

I have a tendency to avoid soundtracks. I own a few and they fall into the category so far of either Tangerine Dream, Ry Cooder or there is a Peter Gabriel song on there that cannot be found anywhere else, I also have the required nostalgia fest of Pretty In Pink because it was there. I seem to have never actually seen any of the movies of the soundtracks I own.

There is not really a theme here other than I obviously do not watch too many movies. In fact most of my viewing seems to be Star Trek and it’s many offshoots right now.

So what Ry Cooder has created here is a truly amazing, atmospheric and haunting collection of soundscapes. Its minimalist and rich in it’s minimalism. You get lost in the motifs and melodies that conjure up the desolation and beauty of the desert. I have never been to Texas, I do however now have a desire to do so. It may be easier to watch the movie though.

Based on the cover alone, the movie is probably lonesome drifter searching for the love of his life and his sone he lost in some tragic manner.

7 thoughts on “Ry, David and Jim…

  1. It’s an interesting experience hearing a soundtrack to an unseen film – impressive that you somehow managed to not see any of the films that pair with your soundtracks!

    1. I only have Crossroads, Paris Texas both by Ry Cooder, Against All Odds for that Gabriel song, Birdy as it’s Gabriel, Sorcerer and Thief, Tangerine Dream and Pretty In Pink. Maybe I should watch them it seems like a manageable list.

      1. I saw Sorcerer for the first time a couple of months back – it was good, bit of a period piece these days though. the trucks are brilliant in it.

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