’cause all they’ve got to give you is poverty…

Day 15 and zero records bought.

5 records arrived in the mail though, apparently I bought them a long time ago, like in January.. I am not sure how I feel about this with the current project, maybe project is too grand a word, thing is probably better. Either way I am not too sure how I feel about the impact on the thing.

It is Friday and I usually stroll downtown, past the vintage jean store and the courthouse and the old bridge and stop in at the newly minted used record store. Not today though I am going to climb in the car and drive home without the usual stack of vinyl to be cleaned up and played eventually. Of course sometimes that can take months to actually get to the point of playing them.

I Like fiddles and acoustic guitars and concertinas and songs that make you smile and songs that make you dance and laugh and cry and think and forget and wonder what the fuck is going on. I like electric guitars as well. If you add all that up and shake it real hard and throw it on the floor with a good singer you sometimes end up with something really good if not brilliant. Then you find out one person played all the instruments and you just wonder how there is any justice in the world.

Painted Lady is Jon Boden’s first solo album. It’s a pretty good one. If you like well written songs and the occasional overdriven guitar then it’s a good one. If you want your folk-rock with a finger in the ear and no sense of drama or humour you may not like it. In the words of Dave Swarbrick one evening over a bottle of Port and a fiddle tune, ” the music will get rid of the riff-raff or the deaf.”

Let’s just be honest, folk music fans like jazz fans can have a tendency to get a little precious. It’s all dance music after all.

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