I was looking at the big sky…

Day 13, zero records bought.

Today I had to drive past my favorite thrift store, it’s kind of tucked out of the way on Highway 99E in Canby. It usually has a pretty good haul as it’s in a little for now small town. The ladies volunteering in there move the records around a lot, I have no idea why, sometimes they are in a crate under a sewing table, other times in a corner by the shoes, occasionally by the door. They are almost guaranteed to be nowhere near the CD’s or DVD’s, it’s as if they are no longer a relevant media.

With the utmost self control I drove by on the way to the police department where I would be observing a restorative justice conference. As i sat in the uncomfortable chair in what usually serves as the municipal courtroom I felt a little sad. A trip to this town would normally provide two or three records to take home clean and place in the to be played stack. Instead I would because I had the need to prove I was not a slave to habit be driving home with nothing but the pizza for dinner.

So tonight I sat down to spend some time with Kate Bush and Hounds of Love. I found this in that little thrift store awhile ago. I had never owned or listened to this before, I was aware of the singles in the 80’s, I was however more interested in discovering psychedelia at the time than pop music of the time, regardless of how revolutionary it may have been. This may be why The Dreaming was my favorite Kate Bush album, just because that was the last I bought.

I spent many years trying to dismiss Kate Bush as frivolous and pop, and then when I finally pulled my head out of my own ass she had disappeared to look after her own life. It actually took a move to the USA for me to admit I enjoy pop music, go figure if you can, don’t however tell any of my heavy metal, punk friends or other marginalized musical sub-sets.

I am actually having some sort of panic attack thinking about the numbers of records I am missing out on with this ridiculous decision of mine.

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