honey gonna call your name..

Day 12, zero records bought.

Todays listening, well the baby wanted to dance so we began with Crush by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. It’s poppy and fun and good enough to jig around the house with the baby. It also has a pretty classy cover marred by the $5.99 sticker on the front. It’s on the shrink wrap so maybe I should take it off so I can fully enjoy that retro meets modern cover. Now I am not going to say that the album was memorable but it was fun.

So halfway through the day I got a text of a bunch of Echo and the Bunnymen albums sitting on the rack at the thrift store. I did not however set off to buy anything I exercised some self-control sat down and took some deep breaths. Of course I also new the miscreant who texted me had bought the albums. Filled with a sense of well being and superiority I continued with my no records bought plans.

The evening wore on and it was time for Taj Mahal. Recycling the Blues & Other Related Stuff. There is something about a Taj Mahal record that will make you smile. Maybe it is that side 1. starts with a conch and moves on to a kalimba, there are banjos and guitars and smiles galore until you end with a conch Side 2. opens with tubas and other fun and to top it all off the Pointer Sisters, what is not to love.

The front cover is a truly happy picture of Taj and Mississippi John Hurt smiling as if they had no cares in the world.

So this evening alone just with Taj Mahal I have covered, soul, reggae, rock and the blues. Throughout it all has been a pervading sense of joy at the creation of music.

I have only really listened to Taj Mahal for the last two years so. Maybe it took that long to be able to manage to come to terms with his breadth of work and the genres he seems to cross at will, he is not just a blues player or soul musician he is a force. Reclaiming songs others would not touch at times.

My favorite this evening has been this album. Genre hopping and mixing it up on every track.

This not buying records really makes you play what you have, it is somewhat exciting to start to see gaps appearing in the to be played shelves. It’s also better to sit here listening than to watch CNN.

6 thoughts on “honey gonna call your name..

  1. J.

    I’ve been making my way through a pile of unplayed records the last couple of months and there’s definitely something special about the making time, listening, and filing them in with the collection.

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