so baby pack your leaving trunk…

Zero records bought.

Two Neil Young Tickets bought.

As 1537 pointed out I never said if this album was actually any good.

The question that needs to be answered before that one however is. Do you have a deep appreciation for songs involving drinking, drug taking, womanizing, being cheated on, cheating on, stealing, police brutality, hippies, going up the country, do you sit in awe at harmonica playing and guitar solos, ultimately however have you always wanted to boogie to the Fried Hockey Boogie?

If the answer to any of those questions was a yes then Boogie with Canned Heat is for you.

Take the plunge, the album opens with the most serious bass line that Lemmy only hoped he could ever write and then proceeds to tell tales of woe, joy, how to drink turpentine, get lost in the country and deal with all sorts of no good backstabbing individuals. It also ends with Fried Hockey Boogie that hits a groove and then grooves and slithers it’s way through 11 minutes or so of boogie and soloing. It’s a gritty dirty album that will also make you smile.

John Lee Hooker loved them, Dr. John wrote the charts for the horn section and this is the album that provided the opening track for the Woodstock movie.

So is it good?

Yes it is good.

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