think about the whole world..

Zero records bought, 9 days in and counting.

So I stretched out a hand and pulled Osibisa from the fatal never played stack, from the four sections of an Ikea Kallax shelf that contain the continuing until recently to grow albums.

I remember seeing Osibisa once and dancing a lot, I mean a lot. I also remember sweating a lot, I think I had this poster above my bed for a long time at college, before it was ripped down by a Pogues fan.

We also had Badger, One Live Badger, not a bad record but I have to admit I bought it because I was very into Roger Dean and this is my favorite painting of his.

Pipedream by Alan Hull has always been a favorite, I remember seeing the picture of this album on a blog many years ago and thinking I needed to find a copy. Then I thought I may need a record player as the CD cover of this is always going to be disappointing.

Finishing off the night with Birdy by Peter Gabriel. I don’t normally get soundtracks, Gabriel however is something else.

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