So this is real life? You’re telling me…

It is hard to admit an affection for a band from Manchester. Yes this is a ridiculous bias I have, it is based on years of football rivalry and reinforced animosity towards anyone at the other end of the East Lancs Road. These are the petty centers of my stunted adolescent brain reinforced by my uncles and aunts over the years.

However I do have a deep affection for Magazine, maybe it was the keyboards or the choppy staccato guitars or Howard Devoto’s eccentric vocal style or the uncompromising lyrics.

It may also be the fact that Definitive Gaze is one of the best songs ever written. Don’t tell me you can’t hear a mix of Hawkwind, Bowie and some sort of post-punk prog rock goings on. So this evenings entertainment has been Play by Magazine, live and well in Australia.

I can nowadays admit to enjoying several of Manchesters poptastic bands starting with the Hollies, I am still however struggling with Steven.

3 thoughts on “So this is real life? You’re telling me…

  1. By Steven, do you mean the Mancunian with the middle name Patrick, but more commonly known as his mononym stage name/last name? If so, though I adore much of his work, our mutual friend 1537 suffers from anaphylaxis to his voice!

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