say the right words and I’ll be coming through…

Suddenly for some inexplicable reason I had a deep and insistent desire to hear Architecture and Morality by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. The odd thing is that I had never owned the album when it first came out in 1981, in fact it was supposedly the type of music that I despised, cold clinical and heaven forbid it was pop music.

As often happens when these needs arise I manage to find a way to fulfill the need. This time in the form of a complete set of the first 6 OMD albums in the brand new local used record store emporium. Obviously some floppy haired ex-student teacher had turned in all their vinyl for a few dollars allowing me to buy them all for $30.

Now they are all American versions or reissues without the cool die cut sleeves of the originals. After over 30 years of not listening I am not too surprised to say the album is pretty darn good. I had obviously been missing out in the eighties with my insistence that prog rock was what we needed to hold on to.

At times while listening I do have flash backs to the days of youth club discos. It’s all very nostalgic here this evening, memories of serious young men staring at self-conscious young women dancing. Maybe if we had all not been so caught up in our own posing we could have danced together and been happier.

I just discovered that ZZ Top were big fans so my rocker cred is intact.

7 thoughts on “say the right words and I’ll be coming through…

  1. I saw this at an outdoor market a couple years ago – regrettably I only had enough money to buy either this or Paul Simon’s Hearts & Bones (both are on the 1001 list).
    I haven’t been disappointed with Hearts & Bones, just a shame I didn’t bring more cash to the cash-only vendors!

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