oh, oh, oh what’re you doin???

I like My Nation Underground, yes it’s a pop record, isn’t it all pop music after all?

What I really like though is that because of it Cope holed up in the studio and made the perfection of Skellington. I have no c story of what the album means to me, it does however consistently make me smile every time I play it.


It’s as if Cope downloaded the thoughts he was having at the time onto the record, that’s not necessarily a comforting experience.

I needed a smile so I played Skellington, happy new year…

4 thoughts on “oh, oh, oh what’re you doin???

    1. Peggy Suicide is a classic. The Cope mentality takes a little getting into though. He is not as insane as people or he may suggest. Not sure what is going on with the comments.

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