yesterdays hazy, tomorrows a blur…

The dysfunctional 80’s have come full circle in more ways than one. The political ramifications of, well I am not going to bleat on, but we are currently experiencing the final outcome of dissolving the power of collective bargaining. In another full circle for me Dan Stuart has now drawn a line under his career maybe.

So I have been enjoying Dans music recently, actually since the first time I heard Green on Red I have been enjoying Dan’s music. It is some of the rawest, emotional and honest songwriting around.  Yes throughout most of the 80’s/90’s Dan and Green on Red were on the messier side of live performances, they could however be totally captivating in their own manic way.

Dan is now an older wiser but just as cynical on his new album the Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings. He is in a reflective mood it seems, looking at his own past and his current situation. He has been forced into more of folk/songwriter than rock star, there I however a sense that he is ready to bust out the electric and rock it up at any time, maybe just waiting for the right invite.


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