I’m gonna get up in the mornin…

Do you really need an excuse to boogie?

IMG_1111If you have to ask the question, well, go back to sleep.

If there is a truly feel good band from Woodstock it is Canned Heat. Yes they are as you could say not your usual rock star band. They look like they just strolled out of the woods stepped on stage and plugged in to play straight ahead blues, they channel all of their influences at once whether is is Elmore James or Mr. Hooker. They are not trying to be clever they just want to boogie. This is what happens when fans decide to record the music they love.

The result is that you smile a lot listening to them, yes they will drag a song out to its unnatural conclusion just because it is fun to play and they are in the groove. It’s not boring it’s the Heat jamming and doing what they do best which is boogie.

I have now used boogie four times and I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I am not sure where this album came from in the Canned Heat lexicon of boogie, trying to keep track of their discography is like trying to count grains of sand. It is however four tracks of straight up boogie, five times.

Something that is not so good to find is this strange growth I found in the coffee pot at work. This was the result of me looking for an alternative to the Keurig fever that seems to have overcome the office. This desire for singularity is resulting in everyone sitting at their desk eating lunch, making individual cups of coffee and attempting to brew tea with a tea bag in a cup, sacrilege.

After a good half hour of applied cleaning and the use of vinegar it is now suitable for brewing of a good pot of strong coffee to share with others in the office.


11 thoughts on “I’m gonna get up in the mornin…

  1. According to Discogs, “This is a truncated budget label version of Live At Topanga Corral” and came out in 1972. ‘Live At Topanga Corral’ was released in 1970.

    Ooh look! Is that a Canadian Pacific 4-4-6-2?

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