rolled his eyes and puked his guts, there ain’t no free lunch today…

Beginning with the statement “we are the most professional band in the world” and then immediately descending into the murkiest psychedelic countrified mess achievable.

IMG_1076Yes it’s live with. no overdubs and may sound a little as if it is recorded with a pillow over the microphones at times but thats probably what they sounded like on the night. Before Uncle Tupelo became Wilco and Billy Bragg somehow won an Americana award there was Green on Red and the strangely named Paisley Underground. Or as my friend Dave used to say it’s what you get if Hank Williams joined The Damned. They may have actually founded the entire Americana genre along with The Long Ryders as an alternative to the pop country that was springing up in the 80’s.

Killers, alcoholics, addicts and road weary musicians inhabit the songs. Dan Stuarts voice sounds like it is living the stories he sings and Chuck Prophet’s guitar barely holds it together throughout the show. The rest of the band stumble along as if their lives depended on it or at least their sanity.

The album ends with a stumbling version of We Shall Overcome which in some way sounds like a statement more of desperation more than defiance.

It’s a pretty green and red vinyl too, not that that combination necessarily works together when they can bleed into each other though.




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