booze and ladies keep me right…

It is the eve of Thanksgiving in my adopted home. A time to be thankful for the blessings that have rained down on us in the land of lessening freedoms. A glorious holiday of family values and traditions based on a myth and propagated by the establishment. If it was not so out of vogue to say I would say this is fake news.

Actually it is a fine experience, eat a meal hang out with people you like and vow not to turn on the news.

IMG_1053To prepare for this celebration I have chosen to begin with that glorious album of American excess Grand Funk’s(no Railroad) We’re an American Band. Produced by Todd Rundgren and allegedly more professional sounding than their previous albums its a fine slice of sleazy early 70’s rock, a fair amount of objectification, glorification of all sorts of excess and some posturing guitar solos.

There’s also a dose of social commentary on Creepin’.

“Oh … hear me cryin’ ’cause the people like me
That long to be free, are not actually
Please everybody won’t you hear this song
Help a country that’s wrong, to someday be strong”

Damn it’s still relevant, it’s as if all that drinking and partying allowed these guys to see the future. Or maybe it’s safe to say shit just keeps happening.

Of course as soon as you get all serious it’s time to get down with a dose of the somewhat uncomfortable objectification of Black Licorice which has all the cliches of your favorite exploitation movie.

Side two gets all blue collar with songs about workin on the railroad, moving on to lovelorn wailing, we then follow a journey of discovering what it means to be a man in this crazy world. The album ends with our hers revisiting the plight of Native Americans. No revisionist history for these guys but a pretty straightforward look on life.

“None of the stories in the schoolbooks said it, the truth is gone and they’re tryin’ to forget it
The history books are all one-sided, the truth is gone and their trying to hide it
Who had the land ’till we came around? The Indian made his life from the ground
And what about the boy that this story’s about? Where his tee-pee once stood there now is a town”

To round the whole thing off what I first thought was a slice of meat headed rock and roll, nothing wrong with that is actually a much deeper prospect over all and still relevant, it also rocks and any band of men willing to pose nude on the inner cover deserve respect. No more pAtriotic image than a bunch of naked guys surrounded by American flags.



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