Fetch the nitro…

A sense of foreboding.

A thrum and drone,

Must be the weekend, sequencers and analogue synths, menace and fear, cold sweat on the brow, tension and an overriding sense of doom as those deep bass notes rhythmically resonate.

No it’s not another rant.

Just like real life only cinema.


I have never seen the movie, although after living with the album for a few months I really want to now, maybe if it rains on Sunday that would be a better use of time than going to see the Queen movie. I do like Roy Schneider so there is at least that.

I have read the plot on the wikipedia site and it sounds like a fun filled romp through Latin America.

Maybe it’s better to just imagine the movie and enjoy the soundtrack, I have a feeling I would be disappointed if I watched it.


12 thoughts on “Fetch the nitro…

  1. J.

    I love the cover on this one. I’d buy it for that alone. I’ve also had the movie sitting on my list… I should really hit up Amazon.

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