Looking like an escapee from the Osmond’s or a passing car salesmen it is hard to acknowledge that Jerry Donahue is the string bending king of the telecaster.



Go on take a look but don’t blame me if you become befuddled and confused about 10 seconds in.

I have loved Jerry’s playing since I first saw him live with Fairport Convention in the eighties at Cropredy and on the albums he made with them in the 70’s. His work in Fotheringay and with Sandy Denny is well amazing.  Some regret Richard Thompson leaving the band but I really think Jerry was the best guitar player they ever had, hitting all the right notes from folk to blues and country, he is in my opinion a more versatile player than Thompson.

One of the great sadnesses for me was at last years Cropredy celebrating 50 years of the band that Jerry did not appear as he had a stroke in 2016.  Every so often I pull this album out and sit back and remember why I do not play guitar and why some people do.


This year I am going to work on my pictures. Well next time I will I am going all artsy.

4 thoughts on “Tele…

  1. There may have been some befuddlement at the 10 second mark, that’s impressive,
    I would say I play guitar – but after watching Jerry, it appears I’m barely scratching the surface of what can be done with it!

    1. I could have taken it out of the cover which would have reduced the glare considerably. I do not however take that much care with the photo’s no artistic soul. My fondest memory is 1986 Cropredy with Jerry, Thompson and Maart soloing the shit out of Sloth. That was also the year Robert Plant turned up.

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