I was dreaming of the past…

The move is finally done…

Number 18 and hopefully the last if there is any justice in the world.

One of the outcomes of this has been less time to write on the blog. Is it time to quit? Or is it okay to just let it go for awhile?

Anyway so just to let you know I have regressed to the age of 17 in my listening, gone are the deep meaningful agonized soul searching moments of the past and enter the rock beast.

It’s time to connect to the inner testosterone monster of adolescence and let it all go.


Or as Syd the dog insists run like a crazed loon through the forest:


There is always another tree to smell, we just don’t know which one.


Thankfully the elder statesman Ziggy is there to remind us all to stop and just be:


I am sure there will be more until then take Ziggy’s advice stop and take a look around and then take a leak.

6 thoughts on “I was dreaming of the past…

  1. Dogs and Rock N Roll!
    Nice 5 pack of albums right there!
    I think speaking for myself I have thought about packing it in as well. My fist post was my first ever concert which was KISS in 79…Post Number 500 unitentionally was KISS Dynasty. I thought maybe that would be time to pull the blogging plug..
    But I didn’t …
    Write when you feel you have too….
    We will be here!

    1. As usual suddenly things need to be said once you think you are done. Of course they are not important things but they are rattling around my head and need to get out.

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