You know that Indian girl, she wasn’t an Indian she was the law, oh…

That strange time and that strangest of albums.


If Only I Could Remember My Name… The title says it all, while Crosby may not have remembered his name  he could remember the lyrics, or most of them. Sounding as if Pink Floyd recorded a CSNY album at times it is a strange, trippy, collection of songs and sounds and almost songs. Ranging from the long rambling Cowboy Movie with everyone and his brother playing guitar on it to experimental vocal exercises on Orleans to the paranoia of What Are Their Names, it covers all the bases.

It is again another Planet Earth Rock’nRoll Orchestra album, recorded while all the conspirators where high on success or well frankly just high. The early 70’s at Wally Heider’s studio and the Dead recording American Beauty, Paul Kantner was ripping it up recording Blows Against The Empire and Crosby was working on his first solo album. All simultaneously. I can only imagine the chaos and the cross percolation of ideas, thoughts and tunes. Add in Neil Young and Joni Mitchell along with any passerby and you have a band.

It would be 18 years before Crosby recorded another solo album, some would say it was his drug habits that caused this or maybe it was just too complete an album in it’s own right and it took him 18 years to find something else to say. Even the Vatican managed to rank it #2 in it’s list of 100 albums to hear.

I guess I got a theme going here with the Planet Earth Rock’nRoll Orchestra, or that hippy shit collective thing.

That’s a deliberately blurry picture there, or I was tired.

Yes I know I wrote about this before but it’s a good one so go figure.


9 thoughts on “You know that Indian girl, she wasn’t an Indian she was the law, oh…

    1. I am trying to decide of I should go see him, he was great with Stills and Nash a couple of years ago, Cowboy Movie is a great Garcia showcase as well.

      1. Laughing is a good one. I am working my way through all the PERRO recordings. I will in a few years forget I have written about it you are correct so you will get a reminder I am sure.

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