Personal liberties…

It’s been an intense couple of weeks. It seems I could come to writing these words just about every day for the last two/three/four years. Truth is there is currently an intensity to life that is both gratifying and terrifying. It’s not that this is a bad thing, it just needs a commitment to life that is intentional.

I have been listening to much of the music I have been reading about on other blogs. Punk, rock, metal and Fripp have percolated around my brain firing the synapses in untoward ways. I have also found myself becoming angered at the news and the actions of our “leaders” in so many ways, this has resulted in an imbalance for me.

Out of the blue I got a call from a voice I had not heard or years, “pack your shit we’re going upriver.”

Filled with a Heart of Darkness moment I agreed and Thursday afternoon we set out, jeep, canoe and party of three, with whiskey a guitar and snare drum, leaving the electronics behind locked in the car we headed out up river on our own journey to escape the noise that is everywhere it seems.

Three days of paddling and singing and drinking, neither Heart of Darkness nor Deliverance but fellowship and a shared desire to reconnect with humanity in the face of a dehumanizing society. Fishing and eating and taking the time to swim and play and lounge in the cool waters.


Driving down out of the Coast Range we could feel the weight settle on us as the heat intensified from a comfortable 70 to an oppressive mid 90’s. The question then being do you let yourself be sucked back in or address the world as well as you can going forward. As the world closed in around us we turned on the electronics to be confronted with the bleats, peals and notifications of the world discovering we were back.

Sitting on the shelf as I got home was Let The Power Fall by Robert Fripp. An album of Frippertronics from his tour of canteens, record stores, restaurants and theaters. Each track dated for a year from 1984 through 1989, it’s a claustrophobic dense collection of pieces. No guitar heroics or jagged chords but thoughtful collages and constructions of sound that are moments in time from that tour.

In the notes on the back I read:

“We have already entered an era in which the erosion of a wide range of personal liberties to which we have become accustomed, and which are often constitutionally and legally acknowledged, is general and accelerating. To call attention to this is necessarily polemic”

Sitting letting the music wash over me I was painfully aware that things have not changed for the better since 1980. It also is again necessary to be polarizing in drawing attention to this in every day life.


Heading out later to the intended home we discovered that they have begun to drill our well. This is the last piece of a puzzle we have been putting together for thirteen months. We are all ready to move and get back to the country and if things work out it should be soon.


3 thoughts on “Personal liberties…

  1. A much needed break, some company, and Seer Fripp showing his timelessness (or ours, sadly). Slight envy for many things here… including the LP!

    Should we hope the drilling hits oil, a la The Beverley Hillbillies?

    1. I am hoping only for water, oil would probably hold things up even more and I may be getting impatient.

      The Fripp was a pretty satisfying find the other day, Your series has had me searching.

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