chaos all within my mind…

I’ve been steeping myself in the sounds of Hawkwind these past days, on some level it is the panacea to that confusion world events have caused me.

So in the order of playing this evening:

  1. Dark Matter RSD release this year of totally different versions of songs that really needs a proper post but I am not feeling like I will do it justice. If you like early Hawkwind this is a collection you need. If you want radically different versions of familiar songs then you need this. IMG_0388
  2. The eponymous first album. I have never appreciates this album, well to be honest I have never bothered to sit and listen to it before, I guess it’s of it’s time is the best description. I like it though, again it’s a record store day release and the vinyl is orange, what’s not to love about that?IMG_0432

So there you have it this evenings end of the day listening that has driven my family away to the nether regions of the house or Taco Bell.

In these dire times of upturned reality it is essential to revel in the strangeness of life and take a lesson from Syd the dog and dance in the sprinklers..



7 thoughts on “chaos all within my mind…

  1. Hawkwind and dancing in sprinklers. Sounds good!
    (I’m rather fond of the first album, despite its ‘becoming’ nature. Big part of that is a just plain ridiculous love of ‘Hurry on Sundown’ which I first heard on the ’76 Roadhawks comp.)
    Would enjoy an in depth review of the RSD release at your leisure.

    1. After the boy’s music lesson last Saturday, I found myself within the gravitational pull of a ‘new’ record store selling ‘new’ records. They still had a copy of this from RSD. What could a poor boy do?

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