ain’t no flies on me…

I’ve been a bit contemplative recently so I thought I would shake that shit right off with some slightly rocking tunes. Little did I know what would happen and speaks to taking more care in the thrift store.

Not since 2112 has a band rocked the silk kimono look as Paul Rodgers does on the cover of Burnin’ Sky by those most assured of rockers Bad Co. Marching out of a grainy landscape like some badass band of desperadoes led by their fearless North Yorkshire IMG_0244bandito. The band look slightly discomfited by Mr Rodgers donning of the Kimono look. This is more lounge comfort than badass kickassery. All we need is some slippers. Mick, Boz and Simon are doing their best to look edgy and Paul just wants to pose and look comfy in his pajamas and headband.

So assured of their place in the rock pantheon the bands name is not on the album. The album rolls rather than rocks and strolls rather than struts. It’s a fine album for its day, it lacks the anthems you want to hear from Bad Co. it also lacks a certain amount of shall we say cocksure machismo. This while frowned upon in the current rock and roll landscape is essential to the Bad Co. sound.

I take it back it’s not a fine album it’s a disappointment, having all the promise of a rollicking time by the brand name with none of the fun. It’s like going to Blackpool and not eating fish and chips and candy floss drinking dandelion and burdock  and inevitably throwing up after the ride on the roller coaster.

4 thoughts on “ain’t no flies on me…

  1. I think I feel a bit more positively about Bad Co. #4 than you. I used to play it in the shop sometimes (thus covertly supporting your MOR accusation) but still like it more than Run With The Pack. The first two are the biz, though, aren’t they?

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