The laughters ever present in the camp of the beguiled…

So this whole on-hit wonder thing has resulted in me listening to these two albums.

One is The Icicle Works 1984 debut album which funnily enough does not sound dated as an effort but the band look about 12 on the cover. It is a remarkably cohesive album considering it’s age, I am ever surprised they did not do better as a band, maybe too diverse, to odd, to arrogant who knows?

I think I prefer the UK version of the sleeve without the snapshot imposed over the original artwork. Maybe some advertising dude in the USA decided the pretty young men on the front would sell records, who knows.


The other is inspired by Bruces post over at Vinyl Connection Play It Again Tim  I have no Buggles but I do have Drama by Yes. I spent much of my teen years detesting this album. It does however with more mature ears sound fine and fits right in with the rest of the Yes album up to this point. Trevor Horn really does sound remarkably like Jon Anderson and Geoff Downes has always been a great addition to any band.


Maybe throughout the weekend I will be further inspired who knows?

3 thoughts on “The laughters ever present in the camp of the beguiled…

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Neil. I’m delighted that the post has had the indirect result of sparking an outbreak of Drama listens around the globe. Like you (and many) I was slow to appreciate its pleasures, yet it ended up quite high on the ‘Ten Albums to say Yes to’ post. Must be our mature ears. 😉

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