The bus came by and I got on…

Anthem for the Sun and other mystical stuff.

The Dead’s second album and what’s it all about? To be honest I have no idea and I am not sure they do either.

This came my way by accident in my friendly neighborhood junk shop and I thought IMG_7675.jpgwhy not it’s been many years since I tortured myself and my neighbors this way. So off we go and to be honest it’s not as bad as I remember or maybe I have enough residual whatever to finally get something of what is going on.

Studio, live, whatever’s next, throw it all in and mix it “for the hallucinations” as Jerry said. I am not sure if they achieved what they hoped for, it’s at times like having a bus driven by three drivers as you wind on down the psychedelic road. Or maybe that is the intention after all. Frantic drumming, strange musical interludes and is that a trumpet in there and we haven’t got past side one and then Jerry plays some guitar.

Side two kicks off with kazoos and some confusing lyrics, a jam or two, some guitar mumbled lyrics and all the other stuff. My favorite moment is at the beginning of Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) when Pigpens voice cuts through the cacophony accompanied a snare drum and Jerry to sing. It’s the most normal moment in a symphony of chaos and gives you a moment to hold on.

“All you need…”

2 thoughts on “The bus came by and I got on…

  1. I also found the first album it is more an antique curio store than thrift store, definitely a for profit concern. I think many of the things in there are on commission.

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