Waiting in the valley of all creation…

Sometimes the fates align and everything is as good as it should be. For a couple of weeks I have been looking at this record, trying to decide whether or not to buy it. Deep down I knew that it was going to happen but well occasionally I make good decisions.

Then in the midst of a week of listening to nothing but Biograph by Bob Dylan it struck me that there needed to be balance. Yes it is good to challenge yourself with meaningful lyrics, dense vocabulary and protest, and sometimes it is just time to get out of it with one of the most intense space rock outfits ever.

So I finally acquired Live 1982 by Hawkwind from the Choose Your Masque’s tour.


This was the tour I saw Hawkwind nine times in about two weeks. Nik Turner was back in the fold farting his unique brand of sax playing and it was a crazy out of control show, lights, coffins and roller skates along with Turner’s bizarre neon spike of a hair cut. Most importantly though for a 16 year hawkfan there was blanga, that moment when the guitars, synths sax and drums merge into an almost spiritual drone, yes it is not the Space Ritual but it was loud and insane and for us that was enough.

It is a truly beautiful package as well.




9 thoughts on “Waiting in the valley of all creation…

    1. It’s more spacious, the synths are to the fore but it is very similar maybe not as all out in your face more intense though and Turner is on the edge of insane at times. Of course there are only apparently 2000 in existence so it is getting pricey at least over here. I found this in a record store in Eugene.

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