I’m wonderin’ if you’ve come home…

IMG_7490For the past 20 plus years I have been driving those American backroads mostly avoiding the ditch. This is kind of how I am feeling about Neil Young’s ditch trilogy, yes it is a trio of great albums, it is a document of grief, sadness, disillusion and excess, I am sure I will get to it eventually but isn’t it better to think about happy things especially when you have a 101 degree temperature.

The ditch is not somewhere you generally want to be.

So instead I listened to Crazy Horse with Danny Whitten in full flight in 1970 at the Fillmore East. Must have been quite a show with Miles Davis being the support. All Young saw fit to release was the electric set from this show. in an another fit of orneriness. It is Crazy Horse doing what they do best grooving along as Young meanders on his guitar. It is more focussed than the 90’s meanderings, from a time when young was not yet the jaded rock star he was to become in the middle of the decade with the CSNY tour.

The two long meandering songs Down By The River and Cowgirl in the Sand are the obvious stand outs. It is however the shorter songs Wonderin’ and Winterlong that show the versatility of Crazy Horse able to rock with the best but also able to sensitively back a great song.

So here I am not quite ready for the ditch but just skirting the edges. Enjoying the calm before the rough ride.


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