Did she wake you up to tell you that it was only a change of plan…

I was planning on this massive ditch trilogy/quadrology whatever you call it post. In preparation I  thought lets listen to the reason for the ditch first.

So I sat myself down and listened to Harvest, then I listened again and remembered that fine crisp day in the late 70’s when I struggled home from Woolworths with my new recently purchased copy of Harvest. This was my go to album for years when unhappy, in love, happy drunk/stoned or just tired. I would play it when I woke up and before I went to sleep. I lived this album in all it’s schmaltzy at times over the top glory. I burned through countless copies, at one time I had it on CD, cassette and the record so I could play it on the car, wondering around and at home. It was stolen by more girlfriends than I can imagine, I must have single handedly kept Neil Young in cocaine the number of copies I bought.

Anyway today I celebrate the album that was the precursor to the ditch, the towering pinnacle of country rock or whatever it’s called the album that gave us the phrase More Barn!!!

So I am staying out of the ditch for now and listening to Harvest.


Neil has finally confirmed the more barn story;


8 thoughts on “Did she wake you up to tell you that it was only a change of plan…

  1. Man you speak to experience when you mention buying multiple copies of things. None of my exes ever stole copies of things, though, so I guess I got lucky there. But my lovely wife rolls her eyes whenever I ‘rescue’ a copy of something I already own. I tend to pass them on to people saying “you NEED this.” 🙂 Harvest would definitely be one of those records. Good on ya!

      1. Haha yes, THIS! I recently discovered I have two copies of a Van Morrison CD and I don’t even remember buying the second one…

        I’ll also do the same thing with books. I’ll buy copies when I find them in good shape in used shoppes, and just give them to people.

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