Time was when we got along…

There is a good time feel to Canned Heat.

It’s not psychedelic but they are forever aligned with the hippie world especially the Woodstock concert and movie because of Goin’ Up The Country.


I have no idea if it’s good blues or bad blues all I know is I smile when I play Canned Heat. Of course I don’t need anymore than the Greatest Hits album I have which has all the necessary Heat material on it for me. I seem to remember there could be too much of a good thing at times.

I realize I have nothing really exciting to say about this album other than for approx 40 minutes it transported me to a time when all I had to worry about was whether I got the essay in on time and had money for chips and beer that night. In short it took me back to a time when cares where minimal and fun was all and for that I am eternally grateful for the rejuvenating affects of music.

So whoever was Paterson who looked after this record so well thank you.

The other thing is that yesterday I visited four thrift stores and this is all I found and it very well may be enough.


5 thoughts on “Time was when we got along…

  1. I’ve often thought that with used books/LPs with someone else’s name on it – I’m glad they took care of it, and I’m glad they decided they were done with it so I could enjoy it!

  2. Andrey Nekrasov

    Neil, The Very Best of Canned Heat is a good compilation but not enough for anybody to dig Canned Heat! Try double live album “Living the Blues” ’68. Then you will be definitely sure it was a good blues!))

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