Well, If the river was whiskey, said, I was a duck You know I’d swim to the bottom Lord, and never come up…

Sometimes when your soul is troubled it is good to search out a warm blanket of sound to wrap yourself in. There are some albums out there that wrap their arms around you and let you know the world really is a good place despite the attempt of so many to make it less than so. They reminded you that as Neil Young said “music is the thread that binds both the left and the right” I ‘m not sure he always knows what he is talking about but I sincerely hope he is correct.

So I dragged out that first live Hot Tuna album. The one that is so live you can hear the beer bottle break as the wait staff drop it and the clank of glasses as the revelers revel. It’s a classic, comfortable, white boy country blues at it’s finest. Jorma and Jack playing their acoustic hearts out. Later albums got the heavier strut of those English style blues but this was is an all American homage to the roots of rock.fullsizerender-3It’s an enjoyable album and a needed panacea to the excesses of the Airplane at the time as they morphed into the Starship. A grounding force for the musicians as they headed somewhere else.

This was the album that was dragged out frequently at the end of the week to act as an answer to the weeks work. In those days the end of the work week was usually a Tuesday or Thursday as I was never lucky enough to have the weekend. That was something saved for my room mates who had a real job like teaching or selling insurance not playing soccer with delinquents. It was a way of blowing the cobwebs away a fresh breeze a regenerating moment. It was usually played late at night as I staggered in from work as there was only time for two pints at the pub before closing time. Sit in the dark, listen and feel better by the end.

Tonight it didn’t manage it’s magic but it’s still a fine album.

You can’t help feeling that maybe Uncle Sam’s Blues has something to say to us now.


3 thoughts on “Well, If the river was whiskey, said, I was a duck You know I’d swim to the bottom Lord, and never come up…

  1. Love Hot Tuna, though this album not my favourite because I’m not a big fan of Will Scarlett’s harmonica. Think I preferred them with Papa John Creech, though pretty well everything they did is OK with me! The more recent ‘Live At Sweetwater’ albums are great too!

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