I don’t want to be one wave in the water…

So I got to the beach a day before everyone else and there I was walking on the sand as sunset was getting close. I was strolling along and all I could think about was a Plague of Lighthouse Keepers by Van Der Graaf Generator as I approached the mournful lighthouse disappearing into the mist.

It would have made sense if I had taken a picture of the lighthouse but it was too far away and misty so here are some pretty rocks.


It was truly beautiful as I strolled and thought about that song, I have to admit I am not that familiar with it so couldn’t really figure it out and I had deliberately left the headphones at the house to enjoy the sound of the beach. Sometimes there can really be too much noise in your head or at least your ears for your own good.

IMG_5537 3

I had walked about 5 miles along this long beach when I noticed this was happening. I looked around and realized I was a long way from where I should be. I had also not taken note of any landmarks, that would make sense in the dark. Immediately I panicked, I was convinced I was going to die here on this idyllic Oregon beach. Or be captured by natives and perhaps forced to drink micro-brews and eat organic produce. At some point some person would discover my phone next to a stew pot and look at the last picture. So here is what it would have been if that had happened.

IMG_5538 2

About this time I figured I should turn around and walk back or I would never hear a Plague of Lighthouse Keepers. It’s a monster of a track by the way, probably way too overindulgent but that can be fun.

I was helped back by my neighbor who I recognized with his camera and tripod on the beach as I ambled back in the near dark.


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