You’ve got me tied, tied…

IMG_5413Loud guitars, big hair and a look as tough as well as tough as several young men wearing denim and leather can look.

Don’t think too much just splay your legs lean back and play  good time rock’n’roll. It’s been a recipe successful for The Stones, The Faces and countless other bands full of young men with enough testosterone to think they are dangerous and irresistible.

At the end of the day who doesn’t like straight up backs to the amps, foot on the monitors rock music. Which adolescent doesn’t want to strum a loud guitar with her/his pals and play senseless music objectifying the world and simultaneously IMG_5414.JPGconvincing themselves they are actually going to get laid every day of the week.

Hence the Georgia Satellites moment of fame and glory with a great first album from 1986. They made two others  but I have never heard them and don’t think I need to.


4 thoughts on “You’ve got me tied, tied…

  1. The only really good song on the second album is “Sheila,” and it’s really good. The third album, In the Land of Salvation and Sin, is totally awesome. Some of the same and some nice stylistic departures. You should definitely give it a listen.

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