25 years of social research…

In one mighty fell swoop this morning I doubled my storage space for the records. Michelle came along to the flat pack hell that is Ikea to purchase the shelf. She even offered encouragement as I put it together.

IMG_5397Then the axe fell, “You really need to stop buying records at this rate.” was the statement. There is hop here, at this rate is is a hard to quantify figure. Some days I get more than others and well I can rationalize my way out of this, especially as there are three Pentangle records on the way.

You would think after 25 years of marriage she would know better. I am now determined first to figure out what my rate of acquisition is, once this year long research is completed I will try and figure out what a suitable reduction in rate is. After negotiation and probably having to buy more shelving I will reduce my rate, whatever that means. I think she knows it’s hopeless really.

Anyway I now have more space to fill at a suitable rate, maybe I should tell her about the overflow in the other room?



2 thoughts on “25 years of social research…

  1. Yes yes yes! The answer is always More Shelves. You can tell your lovely wife I said so. And if it helps, my lovely wife would just nod wearily in agreement that it’s hopeless to try to stop us. šŸ™‚

    When we went to Toronto to meet up with my KMA brother James, I, too, doubled my own LP storage in the Man Cave with the same IKEA 8-cube shelf (although mine are both white). Twinsies!

    I am happy for you that you got to expand your shelving solution. It’s very satisfying, eh? Me, I love it. Great times!

  2. A theme as old as time. Or at least as old as LPs.
    I always suggest that things could be worse. That, for example, I collected porcelain clowns or antique cement mixers.
    There’s a certain smile that long-term partners have, isn’t there?

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