Now that you have a family of your own…

13707758_10208517424847019_2459987777493936841_nThere is a moment of pride involved in the tortured eldest child smiling as you walk through the door and saying “You wanna hear what I’ve been working on?” He then leaps into Casey’s Last Ride by Kris Kristofferson. His voice waivers a little as he reaches for the lyrics of a song he has just learned and smiles with pride as he finishes even managing to imitate the string quartet, and in your heart you know that stuff is going to work out for this one at least for now.

Sometimes it’s just good to sit down with the boy and let him strum and pick his way through the latest tune or song and that companionship of music. There is also the difference between us as I am a listener and he is a performer, a member of several bands ranging from Be-Bop to Thrash and Country via the bar band that plays Hip-Hop versions of the country hits of the day. His love is jazz and late at night you can hear him playing into the dawn soothing his soul and mine as he plays, his touch as soft as possible to not wake the household.


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