I’ve trailed and sailed a silence which nobody knows

Lock a mystical vegetarian hippy away for the better part of a year to record his first solo album. Make him play and write everything on the album himself.

Allow him to be influenced by Tolkien an enigmatic mystic lady and the dude who paints the best album covers ever and what do you get?

oliasWell a concept album about a guy who builds a spaceship to escape the explosion of his planet. This is accompanied by the strumming of guitars the bleeping of synths and the rhythms of the world, or Jon Anderson’s Olias of Sunhillow which along with the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is one of the oddest and most compelling things committed to record and I still have no idea what the lyrics are about never mind how one man managed to compile this thing.

Apparently Mr Anderson went a little crazy making this fine piece of music and I can believe it.

After relaxing and basking in the overwhelming and soothing sounds of this the greatest solo album ever produced by a member of Yes I may be ready to tackle Topographic Oceans again.

I am also overcome with a sense of wellbeing and closeness to the planet. I may even add yoga to my health regime, although I will not become vegetarian, this much I have in common with Rick Wakeman.


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