Lose my body lose my mind…

Sometimes things just happen for the best. Some time ago I ordered a reissue of Hawkwind’s Warrior on the Edge of Time. It was supposedly remastered and in glorious yellow vinyl. 

I was quite excited about this. It seemed like a good use of money and it looked cool in the pictures. I waited and waited and it never arrived. Dismayed I contacted the seller who without complaint gave me my money back. Then I found a United Artist reissue in a junk store and was happy. Yes it wasn’t yellow but it sounded awesome. 

Then today I came home and on the doorstep was an unsolicited parcel. Opening it I discovered the long lost reissue of Warrior. It also contained a nice note from the seller telling me to enjoy. Sometimes people are nice. 

Of course now I have two copies but can you really ever have too many copies of Warrior?

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