Is it even music??? Hang on To Your Head…

It seems to be a week for impulse purchases, Mr 1537 and his sandwich..Not just a sandwich .

So there I was in a local music emporium and looking all sexy on the shelf was a new box of LP’s of the immortal Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy by Gong. Having trawled the internet and record stores looking for some sort of reasonable costing LP’s I couldn’t resist after all $45 didn’t seem so bad for three records and all that fun.

The more bizarre thing is it was 1p.m. Pacific Time which translates to 9p.m. GMT which is significant.


I was also really happy with the Charly records reissue of Camembert Electrique. It sounded really nice and this said remastered from the original tapes etc.

So there I am pondering, I check the price on Amazon and this is a lot less so I reach into my pocket and purchase.

I get home feeling good about things, finally got my hands on something I wanted. Then I do a little research and discover this release is causing all sorts of conundrums in the Gong world. The remaining members of the band are not supporting the release, there is talk of a Universal release but Virgin have not had the rights for Flying Teapot for years so that seems unlikely.

Now my brain starts working overtime and I feel like a schmuck but damn it sounds so good and looks so good and all sorts of other thoughts pop into my head. My Catholic guilt is hitting hard as I listen and in the end all I can do is report to all of you that I have sinned and I feel bad but it feels so good.

The only complaint is that they could have fully reproduced the original album artwork but the booklets and pamphlets and packaging in general is great.

I am now convinced that there will be some sort of Karmic payback in the future. My wife has just shook her head and wondered if it is even music I have been making her put up with.

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