Even Jimmy Carter’s got the highway blues…

There are some musicians you know a certain amount of their cannon, usually enough to sound like the Rock ‘n’ Roll snob you are or have begun to become. You never really think about buying more than their greatest hits package. You know the songwriter is a talent, his songs make you smile and cringe and think but you never get around to buying any of those many album you see.warren

But then there is something about the allure of vinyl. That ragged looking album poking out of the morass of Streisand and Diamond and scratched Cat Stevens. The album that suddenly looks alluring because it is a sight for sore eyes amongst the middle of the road goodness.

It’s a name that sang  out to me in the moment, probably as it did to others looking for an alternative in 1980. Warren Zevon’s Stand In The Fire, a live album by an articulate and thoughtful zevonsongwriter who liked to rock. It was also a fine anodyne to the talking heads on TV this evening as Iowa had the caucus circus this evening with all the new channels making the most of it. All the hits and a Bo Diddley cover what more could you ask for on a weird Monday evening.

There is also the fact that he was a funny looking dude in the day as well, far from the 80’s pop star looks, but clean cut enough to take home to mom.

Of course now there is another name to add to the have to look for list when rooting around on a lunch hour.