Possibilities aren’t always what they seem…

With a head full of Dead I wandered the wastelands. Lost in a fog of Dark Stars and Sugar Magnolia hoping to discover the truth. Baffled by the twisted country songs and blues shouting and the disco fever of bad cocaine fueled choices.

What to do other than ground yourself in something different.

Trying to regulate myself in the vinyl section of the thrift store searching for the antidote to Jerry’s noodling. Desperate for something that was not based in the ideals of the outlaw west. Fearing what may turn up and there it was.go

The ultimate super session album. Stomo Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze and Al Di Meola. A space rock, blues jazz electronic odyssey to the heart of the divisions between fantasy and reality. Percussion and electronics messing with your mind and then the bass of Rosko Gee holding it all together with Steve’s soulful vocals. It shouldn’t work but it does.

Go is a work of genius that when you read the members of the project should really have no right in working. It is also the perfect way to shake of the dead it seems.

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