The year of the Dead…Sunshine Daydream…

So the year of the Dead has begun for me.

Over the years I have listened to a lot of Grateful Dead but none of it has ever really connected with me, some of the problem may be DeadHeads who approach the band with a certain amount of religious zeal. Either way the thought for doing this was as the New Year dawned I was rummaging around Spotify and found that there is  a lot of Dead to stream.

sunshine-daydreamThis seemed too good an opportunity to miss. As living in Oregon the Country Fair has almost the same type of evangelical following I thought what better place to begin than with the Sunshine Daydream show from  Veneta Oregon. This had two benefits, one it was a 1972 show that most palatable period with the Dead and it would allow me to mock the country fair to my friend Chris who is a true believer and organic farmer.These things may not be mutually exclusive. As usual with everything Dead the cover is magical. Seems to really capture the idea of a bunch of hippies hanging out in the woods tie dyeing clothes and twirling around.

There is also a video which was a lot of fun.

I have no idea how to talk about this recording. Like all ’72 shows it is pretty much perfect. Apparently the last acid test it captures the Dead in full flight with the Merry Pranksters going all out. A perfect set list and a long long long Dark Star that I have to admit I skipped over as I find this twiddly aspect of the Dead a little, well actually a lot tedious. I don’t mind jams but well this is a tad too long. And who thought it was a good idea to let Donna Jean try and Janis out during Playing In The Band, maybe it was the blistering heat of the day but I think not as she does this on other versions.

It was fun there was twirling not twerking and it is a very happy sound to drive around to. Who knows where I go next but this was an expectedly good start, maybe I will delve into the earlier years next.


2 thoughts on “The year of the Dead…Sunshine Daydream…

    1. It was the overwhelming nature that drew me to streaming. I am also thinking about some of those studio albums, especially the early to mid 70’s ones. Who knows where I may go on the Dance of the Dead.

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