Try your luck and maybe hit the sky…

Inane meandering slightly ridiculous with too much reverb pronouncements between songs.

A synth squeal to connect songs so piercing it is destined  to cause hearing impairment if played too loud through headphones.

Saxophones and violins played at varying levels of competence but with enthusiasm.

Meandering instrumentals destined to cause a trancelike state in the listener.

That infernal guitar strumming that leads to many a crazed whirly dance.

One too many drummers.

warriorIf all these things are present you can only have one thing in your possession and that is a copy of Hawkwind’s recording of Warrior on the Edge of Time. You could also be wondering how this particular record ended up in a small thrift store in a sleepy backwater in Oregon. Of course if you are like me you would just pounce on it exclaim in joy and rejoice at the discovery all the while doing a dance somewhat reminiscent of puppets being jerked around by it’s strings.

Yes if you were picky you could be saddened that it is not the folding out Eternal Champion shield cover. You may be saddened at the lack of inner sleeve. However once you got to the point when the glorious trance like instrumental break at the end of Magnu  reached it’s peak you may just smile and thank the Space Rock gods for your discovery and remember we are all veterans of a thousand psychic wars.


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