This must be the day when all of my dreams come true…

Sometime around the middle of December in the middle of the night when I should know better I was mooching around eBay and found a deal too good to miss. streetlegalA copy of Street Legal by Dylan. This is one of the albums I spend a lot of time hoping to find in good condition as I scan record racks. It’s only $5 or so I thought plus the shipping.So I put my max price in and wonder off not thinking about it again. I find I spend less money of I figure out what I will pay and then don’t look again. Sure enough I win the thing, funny how we consider buying something winning isn’t it.

The seller is a good guy, he gets the thing in the mail the next day and all is well. I get the tracking and then begins one of my favorite sports, watching the tracking. Well it’s Christmas and everything is taking longer than I want. Watching it winging it’s way from North Carolina to Oregon. All is well until I notice it’s in Hawaii. Then it sit’s there and sits for a long time.

Well I contact the seller and we agree to see what happens.

Now Street Legal is one of those divisive Dylan albums. I know the production sucks and it is over the top. Maybe an attempt to out Springsteen the boss. None of that matters to me I love the album.  New Pony and Signor Tales of Yankee Power are two of my favorite Dylan songs.

So I watch the thing sit in Hawaii, probably having drinks by the pool or surfing for all I know. It never moves, the seller and I are patient, like I said I really want that album. It has now become fascinating waiting for it to move. I check two or more times a day in expectation. It sits there immoveable.

Suddenly it is in California and getting closer. This becomes very exciting. I can almost hear the album. I resist the urge to play the CD. This will be the first time in years I have heard the vinyl and by god that is what is going to happen I think.

At work I get the text to say it has arrived.

This is too exciting, tonight’s the night I think Street Legal is going on. I rush home newand feverishly unpack the package to discover:

Damn what happened? That’s New Morning, an average Dylan effort but it is in no way the excellence of Street Legal I was hoping for.

So now I have to wait for Street Legal to arrive again, who knows where it will go this time as it is a little rainy here in Oregon and it may need some sunshine before it arrives.



2 thoughts on “This must be the day when all of my dreams come true…

  1. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar)

    Funny how tastes differ, I’m not a big fan of Street Legal, but I really dig New Morning. Dylan at his most homespun.

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