There is moonlight and moss in the trees…


There have been a few tributes to Glenn Frey over the last few days so I thought I should play some Eagles. The only thing was I couldn’t find my one Eagles record and having sided with the Dude over many years felt a bit of a sham anyway. Of course that one record is the first Eagles Greatest Hits with it’s cool cover. There is no doubt The Eagles had an image and new it.

I did take the time to consider what all this death means to my musical world especially as I creep up on 50 over the next few days. I realized that as I was being born Glenn Frey, Bowie, Lemmy and Dale Griffin were all in their late teens and trying to hit it big with the girls or boys. For some reason this notion made me smile.

I also began to think what would it be like if some of my other heroes popped off. Not a good thought all this realization of mortality as I stagger towards a milestone birthday.  I haven’t really been able to truly come to terms with Bowie, he was my first concert at the age of 10, not that I have much more recollection than noise and bodies and the real sense of coming home.

valley hiAnyway I never found any Eagles to play but did find this album which is Ian Mathews 1973 album Valley Hi.

It has the definitive version of Seven Bridges Road which our friends the Eagles borrowed the arrangement for. It is also wonderfully produced by Michael Nesmith so that can be no bad thing. There is also something truly awe inspiring as Matthews Scunthorpe accent seeps out over the country rock arrangements on the album.

Ian’s somewhat sullen look on the album cover is also fitting. I am going to find that Eagles record and play it though as while maybe not the best or in my mind most important practitioners of country-rock they are undoubtedly the most well known. Tuesday afternoon this week was spent beginning as many conversations with an Eagles title  as Rayson and I could, which was maybe the best we could do at the time to come to terms with a loss.


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