See the word of the prophet…

I have been attempting to avoid the hysteria around Star Wars Episode VII. We all trooped off a couple of weeks ago to see the movie and a good time was had by all, popcorn was eaten soda guzzled and we enveloped ourselves in nostalgia and had a fun couple of hours.

As I said to Rayson bass player of my favorite local band Cedar Teeth, I really prefer Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After he was finished throwing things at me and shouting we hugged and made up and agreed it is a fine movie, lot’s of fun, he claimed GLORIOUS is the appropriate word.

Go on look them up they are a great bunch of guys:

DarthSo in an effort to bring this around to albums and Star Wars, here was tonights listening experience. Allegedly the cover was the inspiration for Darth Vader’s helmet so there is a tenuous connection. I have no opinion on the helmet, google the theory though, it will give you moments of fun.

Argus by Wishbone Ash is one of the great albums from the 70’s that often get’s overlooked in the bombast of bigger names. A dual guitar band that although at times a bit serious are still lot’s of fun and if you find the gatefold sleeve you can see that the be helmeted guard is spying out a UFO, maybe Darth getting fashion tips. It’s too the left of the big man with a spear…



4 thoughts on “See the word of the prophet…

  1. Can’t state strongly enough my love for this album and its dual-guitar glory; playing it as I type here at the office in honor of your post. That opening lyric — “I’ve got to rearrange my life, I’ve got to rearrange my world” — hits me as a call to action every time I hear it. Thanks for making my morning (and I’m totally on board with the Vader helmet theory).

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