Crying’ ’cause the story’s sad…

Sometimes your sense of hope at what an album should sound like is lost on the reality. BigglesWith a cover reminiscent of Biggles I aways wanted The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get to be something better.

I sat down and found that all the really good bits are over with in the first song, the legendary Rocky Mountain Way, yes you may have heard it a thousand times but it is still an exciting listen and better than most things the Eagles did in their coked out navel gazing pseudo country-rock pastiches. Also who can really resist a talk box solo, Frampton Comes Alive may be the next listen.

walshI guess I really need to give the album another listen and maybe there is more to it than I originally heard but it just kind of passed me by after the first track.

It is however one of my favorite covers of all time and in the past I always wanted to buy it when I found it, of course those albums cost considerably more than the 95c this one did in the thrift store.

The question on my mind was why 95c and not a whole $1 bill. Of course who am I to argue with the pricing decisions of the Red White and Blue thrift store.

I have to say a big thank you to my Dad who reawakened some of my boyhood enthusiasms when the Biggles book arrived the last time he visited. You do however have to read it with a reminder that it was written in another time.


3 thoughts on “Crying’ ’cause the story’s sad…

    1. I enjoy Stephenson but like Dan Simmons it is a commitment of time to read him, they are such big books. They have all managed to fulfill their promise though. The Baroque Cycle is my all time favorite, I dare HBO or someone to make a series of it.

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