Honey come quick with the iodine…

Sometimes you find a record and you have to buy it just so nothing worse can happen to it. It seems to have gone through too much already and just needs to be cared for and not put out there for more abuse than it has already had. I have a friend who does this with Band records, he has countless copies of Music from the Big Pink and other albums that he keeps in a box just because they looked so lonely in the thrift store. Of course this may be his entire investment plan.

Yesterday afternoon I stumbled upon this album, it looks as if some misguided young person had used it as scratch paper for his/her math homework. Or maybe it was some convoluted drug deal calculations.



My heart went out to this poor record. The vinyl looks like someone has spilt bong water on it for years or used it for a particularly wasted game of ultimate frisbee. This record had seen enough and needed some rest and recuperation in a retirement home for those burned out derelict Dead albums.

The bigger shame may be that this may be one of the greatest album covers of all time.

It was my duty to save this poor thing from further assault. There is nothing that beautycan be done for the cover but the records cleaned up well enough to play.



I have to admit, last night as I played this album late at night that I remembered how much you can really enjoy this period of the Dead’s music. This may also be related to the arrival of these on the doorstep. So maybe this year is the year I get the Dead, who knows.

I may never come to terms with the opening lines to Jack Straw however.

Anyway happy new year…


12 thoughts on “Honey come quick with the iodine…

  1. As a representative of the Aaron Audio Adoption Agency, I hghly approve of this rescue mission.

    Here at the AAAA, we provide a warm ,loving home for all unwanted music in any format. We gladly accept donations, and we also work to find new loving homes for rescued albums when we can.

    Well done! 🙂

      1. Absolutely join the cause! Welcome!

        Nope, no uniform. Not so far, anyway, sorry. But the gift of music speaks for itself. The number of albums (on LP, CD and cassette) that I have received here over the years… all of them in need of a good home, replaced by updated versions or rendered obsolete by changing tastes and styles or duplicate copies… And then the number that I have placed to good, caring and appreciative homes… it’s all worth it. A uniform is categorically unnecessary! We do the good work, regardless!

        The AAAA is alway open to receiving those albums that were just to be binned or passed on. A second life awaits! 🙂

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